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Basic to Advanced

Master Course

$59 USD

Start Learning

Take your braids to the next level!

  • Precision Parting 

  • Proportional Parting

  • Proper Product Use

  • Basic Cornrow

  • Stitch Cornrow

  • Feed-in Braids

  • Stitch Feed-in Braids

  • Small Feed-in Braids

  • Style Completion

  • Box Braids

  • Surprise Bonus Videos (specific Style Breakdowns)


Ericka Walker, Student

This information is golden. Thanks Teacher!

Kimberly Samuels, student

I’m so happy that u made these videos.I’m a braided but needed help with certain parting techniques like the bunching at the nape when ur doing straight backs or even to proportion the parts or braids evenly.. that was my challenge and struggle . Thanks for the time to show ur techniques ❤️One love

Lakenya Barginear, Student

Omg I can’t believe I e been doing wrong this is helpful my parts are always bigger then the other

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